Allstay Hotel Semarang

Welcome to Allstay Hotel Semarang


Allstay Hotel Semarang is a modern lifestyle hotel with warm hospitality. Suitable for both business and leisure travelers, Allstay Hotel Semarang is located in the prime area of Semarang. The strategis location offers convenience and easy access to business area, leisure, authentic culinary destinations and Simpang Lima, the one of city’s icon.

Brand New Modern Lifestyle Hotel

Allstay Hotel Semarang has modern unique design and architecture that provides a pleasant accommodation for your stay.

Strategic Location

Inside CBD area, only 3minutes drive to Simpang Lima, 15minutes from airport. Near from shopping center, culinary spots.

Spacious Parking Area

Spacious parking area, free for hotel guests, valet parking available.

Banquet & Meeting Room

From business event to corporate gathering, Allstay Hotel Semarang provides complete facilities that meet your need.



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