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We are growing rapidly in Indonesia in order to provide Integrated Facility Services with the best and reliable standards and professionalism.

We supported with staff and employee whose experienced and dedication in the field of integrated services. We believe our presence in Indonesia can make us the right choice for customers who expect the high standard of work and level of satisfaction of Integrated Facility Services.

We have been working with several clients who become our partners ranging from Office Building, Commercial Building, etc.

In case, you are interested to know anything about our services, feel free to contact us and thanks for your prompt attention for this matter.

About Us

We operates with seasoned professionals across a spectrum of disciplines with extensive experience in different types of environments. Our uniquely qualified team of experts, which includes security and risk consultants, intelligence analysts and operational specialists, provides decision-makers with comprehensive strategic solutions. Through continuous training, expertise and extensive experience, we have the ability to react swiftly to un-expected events that require prompt and decisive action. We always operate in a discreet manner, as confidentiality is weaved into the fabric of our work. We focus on Indonesia. Through our network of Global Strategic Alliances, we are able to conduct an array of high quality assessments with solutions and services in most international locations..

Our Services

As a professional Risk Management / Security and Logistic Solutions and Services firm with offices in Yogyakarta, Semarang, Bali – Indonesia, we have the financial capability, experience, expertise, network, resources and in-depth country knowledge of culture and languages in the Asian region. We offer cost effective specialized Security and Logistic Solutions and Services, tailored to each client. We will provide you with important, relevant and detailed information in a compressed time, including the strategic insights and knowledge, when you need to make important business decisions and gain that competitive edge and advantage. We have a proven track record in pro-active and active dealing with emergency and crisis situations.